Thursday, July 22, 2010

Road trips - lots of fun - too much food!

My husband is in the process of moving to a new role with his company in Cincinnati, so we drove over on Saturday (from our current home base in Connecticut) and came back last night. 

We had a BLAST in our new city ... we found a home, a great new preschool for our son and we loved all the new people we met. We're so excited for this exciting new chapter in our lives!

BUT .... 

We ate HORRIBLY the whole time we were gone!!!! 

We're back now, and as I reflect on the trip, I realize how poor our nutrition choices were while we were on the road. We normally eat mostly organic, mostly at home and don't tend to use a lot of processed food in our meals. On the road, it was the complete opposite ... we ate at restaurants (where they use lots of processed ingredients and salt), we relaxed our food choices, excusing ourselves because we were "on a roadtrip" and generally stopped caring what we put into our bodies.

This morning, I'm noticing that my son and I are paying the price, big time. Both our faces are breaking out, mine with acne, his with eczema (most likely the result of an increase in salt and dairy consumption). We're both crankier than usual and tired. The extra food just wasn't worth it!

We'll be taking another road trip in a couple weeks, when we move back, so I'm determined to develop a healthier strategy that will help us arrive at our destination healthier and happier than we did this week.

I'm going to post our plan, then follow-up and let you know how we did.

In the meantime, I'm hoping you'll share your travel challenges and healthy travel strategies with me. Is there anything you do before hitting the open road to help your family eat healthier? Are there any foods you've found "keep" well in the car?

Feel free to post your comment below, or send me a note at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. We just drove across the country, and healthy eating on the road was a huge concern of mine. We bought a lot of snacks to take on the road lara bars, pretzels, organic milk boxes etc. You can get a cooler and fill it with carrots, slices of bell pepper, whole wheat biscuits and nut butters. Having those things on hand limited the amount of eating out we had to do. I can't wait to hear what you come up with. Love your blog.