Monday, February 21, 2011

Movement Monday: Dancing Thru Pregnancy

Does anyone else fondly remember the song "I like to Move it Move it?" Ok, maybe not sooo fondly. It was a classic cheerleadery dance song when I was in high school (in the '90s) and it's still on my workout play list.

As I was jammin' on the ol' treadmill this afternoon, my thoughts wandered, as they usually do when I'm run/walking.

One of my random thoughts turned toward the concept of movement ... and I thought "hey, wouldn't it be great to start an ongoing blog series called "Movement Monday" and feature different fitness theories/classes/etc?

Then, at about the same time that I saw a pregnant woman hop onto the treadmill next to mine ... and I immediately remembered how much fun I had working out while I was pregnant ... especially in my Dancing Thru Pregnancy classes!

So, for the first ever MMM Movement Monday blog post, I'm happy to introduce you all to a really fun, totally safe, scientifically-based fitness movement called Dancing Thru Pregnancy.

DTP was founded in 1979 and has since helped millions of moms around the world achieve meaningful childbirth experiences. The fitness classes use an exciting combo of cardio dance, strength training and relaxation techniques to provide the very best prenatal fitness program on the market.

Why is exercise during pregnancy important?

- Women who are in shape have less likelihood of things going wrong during pregnancy
- Women who have active pregnancies have an improved tolerance for labor and birth
- Fit mamas recover more quickly after baby arrives on the scene

I took DTP classes through most of my pregnancy 2+ years ago and I truly do believe it helped me achieve my birth plan goals. The founder, Ann Cowlin, and all the instructors at Yale-New Haven Hospital (where I took classes) were absolutely wonderful.

In fact, I had such a great time that I trained with Ann to become an instructor. I'm not teaching at the moment, but once my academic schedule starts to calm down, I hope to find space to teach in the Cincinnati area where I now live.

If you're pregnant, I highly recommend you look for a Dancing Thru Pregnancy class in your area. Click here to find a class.

Also, if you're interested in group fitness instruction, you won't find a more rewarding group to work with than mamas-to-be! Click here to find out more about teacher training.

So, my friends, I'm going to "move it move it" away from my blog and get back to my studying!

If you haven't moved it yet today ... get up and get going!

Happy Movement Monday everyone!

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