My philosophy is pretty simple ... food is fun!!!! 

I've been a "foodie" my entire adult life and when my son started eating solids, I quickly grew tired of fixing double meals, one for him, one for me. To save time, I started experimenting with his purees and as he grew older, I started building meals for myself based on the foods he was able to eat. 

I shared my experiments with a few other moms and they mentioned how much time the recipes saved them, so I started compiling lists of recipes that worked for families with young children.

Each recipe on Mommy and Me Meals includes ingredients that "build" upon each other, with a basic recipe for Baby, a more robust meal for Toddler and finally, a "grown up" meal for Mom. 

All recipes are designed for maximum tastiness, with minimum time required in the kitchen. 

I'm so glad you're here and I look forward to sharing many meals with you, albeit virtually :)